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There is something intensely satisfying about the profound feel of a timeless watch, an enduring set of cufflinks, a comfortably fitting belt or a well-crafted leather wallet. Hats and Fedoras establish a dignified significance to an individual’s persona. You get the sense, you know what I mean!

Men’s style is no longer limited to a good suit, a smart shirt or just any piece of clothing. Rather the sartorial prowess of today’s man has evolved into an integration of the right clothes paired with appropriate accessories. Accessorizing right will distinguish you from the lot and give your sense of fashion an individuality.

Go for the classy uncluttered guise, rather than being decked up from head to toe, unless you’re aiming for an “extra” look. Just because you are no runway model doesn’t mean your everyday outfits should be boring. If you think you want your overall look to be simple, does not necessarily imply you must leave the accessories out. You can include a nice pair of shoes and a great wristwatch to give yourself a total makeover and accentuate your overall look and personality.

The trick to accessorizing for both men and women is to do so only as necessary. A statement piece like a vintage wallet or a smart belt can easily elevate your look and set the tone for high fashion. Impress and amaze with finely crafted accessories by Pelle Albero. Endlessly evolving, heritage luxury essentials for men and women of impeccable taste. Each piece is hand made with extreme care and exceptional Italian workmanship. Grab simple minimalist accessories from the store to look classy and confident.


Pelle Albero offers formal belts for men, made from genuine leather. Perfect for all occasions and everyday formal wear. Good pricing and plenty of colour and size options make these belts a good investment. You can collect them for yourself or gift them to your friends or loved ones, these belts will not disappoint. Perfect conversation starters, you can grab these in blue, black, tan or browns to earn admiring gazes from the crowd.


Trendy wallets with a posh feel and an incorporated minimalistic modern design, these luxury leather wallets from Pelle Albero, are absolute must-haves. Invest in a quality piece to draw compliments everywhere.Available in a range of designs, a motley of colours, and at affordable prices, these will surely win you over. The artisans have taken their time to apply their creativity to produce unique shapes and exquisite body detailing. Up your style quotient or gift them to show your love, the wallets from Pelle Albero do not require any special occasion. Purchase them before they are gone.

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