What if we told you that heels were first designed for men? Shoes with high heels were originally made for men in Persia to provide extra-stability while riding a horse. The high heel shoes used to provide extra-stability so that they could stand and shoot arrows while riding the horse. The men’s heel trend was later spread to Europe and was considered a symbol of status. While both the horse-riding and aristocracy days are behind us, men’s shoes with heels are making a comeback. 

Heeled shoes for men have gradually made a comeback on red carpets, fashion weeks, and even everyday use. Fashion brands from Balenciaga to Jimmy Choo have been showcasing stack heeled boots, Cuban heeled boots, and even glitzy sequins & bold prints. We at Pelle Albero, take pride in the fact that we are always ahead of the fashion trend. We showcase some of our men’s heel shoes which are suitable for Indian conditions and audience. 

Choosing a perfect pair of shoes is crucial as it affects your overall attire. Pelle Albero brings a trending collection of casual heel footwear which is made from a mesh material. The benefits of using mesh material shoes are –

  1. They provide breathability.
  2. They are durable.
  3. They are light in weight.

The shoes ensure that you have a great posture as your posture depends on the type of shoes that you wear. Good shoes with high heel provide better support for your body, thereby, promoting a healthy body. These pair of round-toe shaped shoes are suitable for regular ankle height, adding that extra oomph factor to your personality. Get that extra confidence which you deserve while adding these shoes to your collection. 

With Pelle Albero’s classic footwear collection, you can select some of the trendiest footwear. 

  • Black Comfortable Sports Shoes – These pair of round-toe shaped shoes are perfect whether you are using it for everyday use or during light exercise. It comes with a stylish upper mesh body and is super comfy. You can pair it up with any kind of tracksuit or any t-shirt and running shorts, and you are good to go. The classic black colour and beautiful design can be paired with any outfit. 
  •  Black Casual Shoes- Simple yet fashionable, these pair of slip-on casual shoes must be in your footwear collection. You can pair it up with denim or a simple white t-shirt and black jeans to make a style statement. 
Men's Heel Footwear

We at Pelle Albero, also ensure that the quality of the shoes is never compromised. You can expect a range of unique sleek designs for your footwear collection. Soles are an important factor that you should consider while buying any shoes, as a sole can make your shoes less in weight and provide a cushioning comfort. Pelle Albero brings the best quality of EVA sole. EVA soles have shock-absorbing qualities, they are light, flexible and have high elasticity. 

The main advantage of wearing heel footwear is that it generally protects the sole from wearing out. Your feet land on the heel first, and the shoe can wear quickly if not protected. Besides, heels can give men a few extra inches of height. A combination of the good sole, small heel, and well-thought design are the ingredients required to make fantastic shoes. At Pelle Albero, we combine these factors to create shoes that will leave you speechless. Check out our latest collection from here and get your hands on Pelle Albero’s classy casual heel collection and walk with style and elegance.

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